March 30, 2010

Check the Status of Your Federal Tax Refund Online

Though I am not a big fan of tax planning that results in a refund, knowing that you're getting a federal tax refund can feel awesome, but the wait for it to land in your bank account or mailbox can be maddening.

Here is a link from the friendly people at the IRS:

Get Refund Status

Are you getting a refund this year?

Tom Sirois

Great Barrington, MA

Some Tax Time Links:

Adjusting your Withholding


How to adjust your withholding


Hope they help.


Tom Sirois

Great Barrington MA

March 8, 2010

More links regarding Health Insurance Reform (without the government’s help)

money-help I have previously posted about How to Fix Healthcare in the US .

Here are some more links about “market-driven” innovations in medical care.

Bypass the Doctor

Cash only Family Practice

Like being Born Again

I particularly like the cash only practice links. I sincerely believe if the patient is connected to the payment for his or her service, the market will take over.

Any thoughts?

Tom Sirois

Great Barrington, MA