December 29, 2015

Like Hillary Clinton, bet you kids with Student Loans don't know this:

We all know that many politicians are bought and paid for by the "bankers", but no one is MORE beholden to the "bankers" than Mrs. Clinton.

For Hillary Clinton to state she is on the side of middle class Americans, or middle class students is simply a lie.

There has been many studies that prove the rise in College Tuition is in direct relation to to availability of College Loans. See here: Accounting for the Rise in College Tuition. So, yes, I believe if we stop offering student loans, the cost of educating our citizens will go down.

Mrs Clinton, as Senator from New York, is responsible in introducing legislation that was ultimately passed, which  will insure no student loans can be discharged from bankruptcy proceedings. Essentially, students who borrow money to go to college will become enslaved to the lenders.

Washington is way to corrupt and the press is complacent in covering up the truth. I see many articles that will demonize Trump or Carson (two whom have never served in Washington), but Hillary is a hero. I firmly believe that the destruction of our American middle class, culture and way of life is in direct relation to the increase in power of corrupt politicians in Washington.

I look forward to the day all Americans realize that.

Tom Sirois
Great Barrington, MA

October 22, 2015

(Former) Support Becomes Resistance

We have had a nice rally from the September lows, but now we see that former support (2039) is resistance.

SP500 running into resistance

Many trapped long stock holders may decide to exit at this time and provide downward pressure.

Good time to sell some of your long holdings.

Thomas Sirois
Great Barrington, MA

October 14, 2015

Excellent "speech" about How to speak so that people want to listen.

This speaker not only tells you what NOT to do, but also what TO do.

Tom Sirois
Great Barrington, MA

May 12, 2015

And why do we put up with this?

A recent article on shows how Congress has argued that it is OKAY for them to profit from insider information; not just have access to insider information, but to TRADE and PROFIT from that information.

Corruption is coming to a head and it is soon (within 1 year) that I beleive the tipping point will be reached.

What do you think?

Tom Sirois

Great Barrington, MA

March 25, 2015

Student Loans

There is ALOT I have to say about student loans, and I thought I would start with a very nice resource for students that have loans is this page at

This is mostly a resource page for recent graduates, but it may also help anyone who is considering borrowing money to go to school.

The things you need to consider are many, but essentially: Is it worth mortgaging your future to get a diploma? Will that diploma result in life satisfaction for you?

Take a look at the resources and tell me what you think. I will be stopping here more frequently w/ my thoughts and advice on Student Loans.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Tom Sirois
Great Barrington, MA 0

March 23, 2015

Why Spend, Save and Share?

Yes, I believe it is important children learn to share, but do we really NEED to have that be monetary and incorporate it into financial literacy? I think not.

The latest book: The Opposite of Spoiled discussed, at length the need to have your children understand being charitible is very important.

I think it is best for children to understand that many social "ills" are remedied through their tax dollars (forced sharing), so they MUST be diligent when looking into organizations they choose to support financially.

What do you think?

Tom Sirois

Great Barrington, MA