April 18, 2014

What To Do When You Win the Lottery

I am always fascinated by folks who win the lottery, and later declare bankruptcy. There are many reasons for it, but I suspect that MOST lottery players are not too savvy with financial matters, so the lack of financial management skills is the kiss of death if they are "lucky" enough to win.

I just came across a very nice slideshow presentation from CNBC (not always the best place to get financial advice) that has some great advice if your do win the lottery:

My particlar favorite is "Get the lump sum".

Tom Sirois
Great Barrington, MA


  1. Thanks for information. If one day I win the lottery Jackpot it will be very useful.

  2. When I checked Australian lotto results and found out that I had won, I had no problems, because I've been playing the lottery online. Everything is done for me and I got my money in my bank account.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I'll certainly follows the advice when I finally check my favorite Oz lotto results and discover that have won big.